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5 secrets to finding happiness

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Did you wake up with a smile on your face today? If your answer is yes, you are truly happy and that's amazing. If your answer is maybe or no, I would urge you to continue reading this article and discover what it takes to be happy.

Are you ready for it?

Some people say that happiness is absolute. Think about the last time you engaged in a conversation with your childhood best friend. No matter how long a time you have seen him or her last, it's as if time paused just for the two of you... and it feels like you only had talked to him or her yesterday.

"When you meet someone who could make you laugh or inspire you to achieve bigger and better things in life, would you hold on to that person? I know I would.”

Now imagine if you found a career that could give you that sense of fulfillment. Would you seize that opportunity? Would you challenge yourself to take your career to the next level? What risks would you take to be truly happy?

Do you want to know the secret to happiness? Here are a few tips that may come in handy.

Create a list of people, hobbies and activities that bring you joy. Focus on what is important to you right now.

Live in the moment. If you are still hung up on the mistakes that you made in the past or too anxious about the future, you are wasting time. Yet, if you spend all your positive energy towards the people who love you or the career that inspires you, you will make a greater impact.

Be grateful for the things you have now as well as the things you couldn't or didn't get. You will soon realize that the best is yet to come and letting go may have been the best decision you ever made.

Find your tribe. My grandmother always said "choose your friends wisely" and was she right. We live in a world where people and technology can change every day. Yet, if we have people who genuinely love us at our best or worst, that's more than enough.

Always hope for the best. If you are not happy at the moment, trust that you would be joyful tomorrow or the next day. Happiness is achieved over time and we need to work on it everyday while keeping a positive outlook in life.

If you are unhappy with your career, create an action plan to make the change. If you are in a stale relationship, communicate with your partner to make the situation improve for the best. Always root for yourself because you are amazing beyond measure.

Happiness requires action and it is a decision we can make every day.

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