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Career Success Stories with Angelie Caspillo

Welcome to Career Success Stories, featuring the success stories of true people here in Canada and across the globe. In light of International Women's Month, I will be featuring the success stories of women entrepreneurs who braved the exciting world of business. This week, I had the honour to interview Angelie Caspillo, Owner and Bookkeeper of Tax Angel and Filipino-Canadian based in British Columbia, Canada. I hope her story inspires you to positively challenge yourself in all aspects: as a woman, wife, mother, daughter, entrepreneur in the world of taxation and leader in health and fitness.

When asked, "What and who drives you to achieve results?" Angelie confidently answered: My girls. I want to be my kids’ own role model. I want them to be able to pursue something they love and be very good at it.

What inspired you to be an Accountant?

Answer: The inspiration is actually an ongoing process; however, the first person who persuaded me to pursue a profession in Accounting is my mother. She was a Certified Public Accountant in the Philippines, and I really look up to her. Luckily, I fell in love with this business and don’t regret my decision. My mom would be happy to hear this: “Mothers know best”.

What type of services do you provide?

Answer: I work with small businesses and families who want to maximize their income, reduce debts and expenses, save money, invest wisely, and pay the least taxes legally possible. We offer a holistic approach in our client’s overall finances to help them achieve their goals (business and personal alike).

What sets you apart from the competition? What makes you unique?

Answer: My background is not just in Accounting/Taxes. I’m also an avid learner and hands-on marketer. And most importantly, being a Professional Financial Advisor allows me to optimize options for my clients as my knowledge and insight are based on both the tax and investment perspectives. It saves my clients the time to coordinate a meeting with their tax consultant and financial advisor. We call it the Tax Angel® advantage.

I also maintain strong ties with other professionals within and outside of the industry that my clients could potentially require for their many other needs. These are the people I highly trust and recommend.

What would you tell emerging entrepreneurs like yourself?

Answer: Start young if you can. Fail early and fail forward. Don’t quit too soon. Consider the first five years of your business as the equivalent of your university education. Focus on learning as much as you can and build your network. When you hit the 10th year, clients flow even when you don’t expect it.

How did you become an Accountant? What courses or work experiences did you pursue?

Answer: I took quite a few courses to be where I am right now such as the following:

1. Basic and Intermediate Accounting in the Philippines

2. Accounting Technician Diploma in Cambridge College here in Canada

3. An online course on how to start your own practice with Universal Accounting

4. Personal tax preparation course with H&R Block

5. Licensed financial advisor through Life License Qualification Program / ICBC

I also devoted thousands of hours reading online and offline about business and taxes, and learning from other professionals and picking their brains over coffee or breakfast.

What are three values you live up to?

Answer: Faith, Family, Fitness & Finances (these two are interrelated for me).

It's tax season here in British Columbia; you may book your appointment with Angelie Caspillo through her website:

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