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Career Success Stories with Lise Oakley

Welcome to Career Success Stories, featuring the success stories of true people here in Canada and across the globe. In light of International Women's Month, I will be featuring the success stories of women entrepreneurs who braved the exciting world of business.

This week, I had the pleasure to interview Lise Oakley, Managing Director of Good Digital. I hope her story inspires you to be creative and brave to follow your true passion. Good Digital is an award-winning and friendly digital engagement agency that does good online and in the world. They bank on collaborating with individuals and businesses on creating meaningful communications & engagement projects. I worked with Lise during her time in the City of Surrey, and it is truly remarkable how much she and her business has grown in just over a year! I'm proud of you, Lise.

What inspired you to be a Digital Engagement and Content Expert?

Answer: It came from being a digital native and being able to connect with over the internet.

When asked, "what's the best part of your job?" Lise answered with refreshing candor "collaborating with a team of creatives and seeing clients happy!"

What type of services do you provide?

Answer: Digital strategy, along with implementation. I offer everything from campaign development to social media management.

What sets you apart from the competition? What makes you unique?

Answer: Hands-on experience and being a values-based organization.

What would you tell emerging Digital Engagement and Content Expert like yourself?

Answer: Try to keep up with trends. Don't dismiss them as fads. Work hard and be creative!

How did you become a Digital Engagement and Content Expert? What courses or work experiences did you pursue?

Answer: I started with a Marketing Management diploma from British Columbia Institute of Technology, and then followed up with a Bachelors Degree in Communications from Simon Fraser University. Over the years, I focused on digital work and took several courses and digital marketing certification.

What and who drives you to achieve results?

Answer: It comes naturally! I find feedback loops and other motivated folks keep me going.

What are the three values you live up to?

Answer: Integrity, fairness and empathy.

Do you need assistance with your digital content? Connect with Lise via email through today!

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