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Career Success Stories with Max Astrero, Licensed Realtor

Welcome to Career Success Stories, featuring the success stories of true people here in Canada and across the globe. For my first article, I had the honour to interview Max Astrero, a Licensed Realtor and Filipino-Canadian based in British Columbia, Canada. Max is a Sole Proprietor affiliated with Multiple Realty Ltd.

When asked, "what's the best part of your job?" Max answered with enthusiasm "it's the happiness I feel when first-time homebuyers get the keys to their first home."

What inspired you to be a Licensed Realtor? Answer: Even while I was still in the Philippines, I already knew I did not want to become an employee forever. When I arrived in Canada, I realized I had two options that required just a bit of capital to start: deal investment and securities as an insurance broker, or be a Realtor and sell houses. I decided to be a Realtor first.

What type of services do you provide? Answer: I advise people on the intricacies of a real estate transaction. For buyers, it starts when I interview them to find out what they are looking for, from viewings and writing contracts to giving them the keys to their new home. For sellers, I evaluate their property's condition and location, prepare a marketing plan and negotiate to get the best deal they can get in the market. In both cases, I also liaise with other professionals to make the process smoother for my clients.

What sets you apart from the competition? What makes you unique? Answer: I pride myself in being easy to talk to, my clients feel they can be completely honest to me no matter what their situation is. I believe that I can help clients better when I can see the full picture from their own point of view. I put myself in their shoes and from there I think of solutions and strategies to use, and strive to explain everything to them so they understand. What would you tell an emerging Licensed Realtor like yourself? Answer: For a starting Realtor, you should use all the connections you have and inform everyone of the services you offer. The hardest part when I was starting was being new to the country and to the industry, drumming up business in 2008 was particularly challenging due to the global economic crisis. Knowing what I know now, even if you don't have a wide network to start with, opportunities to make those connections are everywhere and you just have to follow each lead until you find that client. How did you become a Licensed Realtor? What courses or work experiences did you pursue? Answer: I enrolled in the UBC Real Estate Trading Course. It's a self-paced distance learning course but you can choose to attend lectures if you like, and there are study groups and forums as well. There is no prerequisite work experience needed, but while you are studying, I recommend finding a Realtor mentor and work as an unlicensed assistant. That would make it so much easier for you once you get your license since you would already know the entire process of the real estate transaction practically and not just theoretically. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, I was offering mentorship to aspiring or new Realtors as my way of giving back and helping our industry. What and who drives you to achieve results? Answer: My parents instilled in me the drive to succeed, but my wife and son plus another baby on the way are my key inspirations in making it big in the industry. What are three values you live up to?

Integrity - never compromise your character.

Perseverance - no matter the odds, no matter how long it takes, work towards your goals until you succeed. Faith - first in God, second in myself, third in people around me.

If you are planning to buy your first home or looking for an investment property in British Columbia, you may connect with Max Astrero through

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