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Career Success Stories with Rhea Santos, Broadcast Journalist

Welcome to Career Success Stories, featuring the success stories of true people here in Canada and across the globe. In celebration of British Columbia Day, I had the honour to interview Rhea Santos, a Broadcast Journalist in British Columbia, Canada and we talked about her leap of faith in migrating to Canada with her family while pursing higher education and continuing her passion to serve the Filipinos. Rhea's drive to serve others, dedication to her craft and love for family are second to none.

What inspired you to become a Broadcast Journalist?
It’s a childhood dream. I love talking to people and listening to their stories.

What makes you unique?

I’d like to believe I’m a good communicator and listener and I know how to tell stories.

Advice to emerging journalists…

A good journalist is a good listener. Do not take your subjects for granted. Remember that they are entrusting their hearts to you.

What led you to this path?

I had a clear vision of what I wanted to be. I took a four-year course on Mass Communications in Manila, Philippines. I had a 19-year broadcast stint in the News and Public Affairs department of GMA Network, one of the biggest television networks in the Philippines, where I was given the opportunity to anchor/host several programs. From Philippine festivals, national and local elections, social and political issues, breaking stories, international coverages, I was given the opportunity to witness events as they unfold.

At the age of 40, I went back to school and took a two-year program on Broadcast and Online Journalism at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. With God’s grace, after a year since our leap of faith, I found my niche in Vancouver working as a video journalist for OMNI Filipino, a news program for Fil-Canadians. Recently, I graduated from BCIT and I’m presently continuing my work serving the Filipino community in Canada through OMNI’s news program.

Who and what drives you to achieve results?

My family has always been my inspiration and driving force. Getting messages of support and love from Filipinos also motivate me to be better.

What are three values you live up to?

Love, Respect and Faith.

Catch Rhea Santos on OMNI News Canada or follow her on IG @msrheasantos.

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