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Top Five Reasons Why You Should Hire A Career Coach

How could you possibly benefit from engaging a Career Coach? Allow me to share with you top five reasons why you should invest in one to reach your career goals. I'm specifically writing this article for people who are in between or currently dissatisfied from their careers, single income families and fresh graduates.

Navigating your way to the workforce can sometimes feel challenging. If you fall under the following scenarios, then I think it's time you engage a Career Coach and find your winning edge for success.


There are various reasons why you could be taking a long break from work: raising children, on short term disability due to an injury or illness, supporting a family member who's in a short or long term disability, etc. These unexpected life circumstances could delay your career progression or take a toll on your finances. You may be thinking you're out of options but you are not. If you engage a Career Coach before you return to the workforce, you would be able to plan your return better. A Career Coach will help increase your confidence level and make you aware of other career opportunities and network better. In the planning process, a Career Coach will encourage you to find your passion, connect with others and explore possibilities.


There is currently a war for talent and this is the reason why employers haven't reached out to you. Perhaps other candidates presented themselves, i.e., credentials, related work experience, better on their resume and cover letter. If you would like to have a customized cover letter and resume, a Career Coach could easily revamp them for you. As part of the coaching process, they conduct mock interviews to help you shine on your actual job interview. Most companies look for value and purpose on why they should hire someone and a Career Coach can help navigate your path to success.


Let's face it, sometimes we feel that we are not talented or competent enough to interview for that dream job. We have some work to do but let me assure you, YOU ARE ENOUGH. Confidence is something we can constantly work at. When you are confident, people believe in you and you have a higher chance for success. While building your confidence cannot be done overnight, every day you have the opportunity to reinvent yourself and strengthen your credentials. If you're afraid of public speaking, why don't you consider joining a Toastmasters' guild or volunteer to chair one of your meetings at work or within your community. If you lack certain competencies, it may be a good idea to pursue a course or training related to it. A Career Coach can elevate your self-confidence by helping you create a plan to improve yourself and have a clearer understanding of where you want to be.


If you are starting to search online for other career opportunities or simply unhappy with your current job, you may be feeling stuck in your career. Perhaps your boss hasn't promoted you in years and you may be feeling undervalued, you get the idea. Engaging a Career Coach may help you break some barriers that are making you doubt yourself, when deep down inside you know you are ready for a change. A Career Coach will encourage you to make decisions that will help you grow either vertically or horizontally, besides not all growth are vertical (promotion related); other times, we need to grow our competencies horizontally by going back to school or acquiring a new skill. If you are willing to take the critical steps to move your career forward, it's time you connect with a Career Coach.


You should engage a Career Coach when you feel like you simply have no time to think about your career options or afraid you are not ready for them. The moment you hit the auto pilot in your career, you have chosen comfort and this is not necessarily good for your career growth. In order to grow, you need to change with the times and seize opportunities. To be the best, you need someone in your court to root for you and that's ME.

Are you ready to embrace infinite career possibilities this 2020? Let's talk.

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